Manor Mentors and Scholarship Program

In late 2011 Rogue Valley Manor resident Bob Abler asked why the Rogue Valley Manor Foundation did not have a scholarship and mentoring program to support young men in the Rogue Valley.  A similar program to support young women had been started years ago by Manor resident Cornelia Tomes.  The answer was that the Foundation needed a strong leader to step forward and get the program started.   Bob Abler has been that leader!  A program that was non-existant six months ago now has a name, a vision, goals,  a preliminary infrastructure, and a few seeds have been sown for funding. 

Mentoring  The vision of the Manor Mentors and Scholarship Program is to first provide a mentor to young men beginning during their junior and senior year of high school and beyond if they are then chosen as a scholarship recipient.  The focus will notbe on the top performing kids but rather on the kids who are not currently realizing their full potential.  The idea is to build a relationship with the students and to help them discover the pathway to their dreams and passions.  The mentor will help the student to envision and develop a road map that will take them down a successful career, professional and personal development path.  

The first measure of success for some of these students will be graduation from high school or completion of GED requirements.  The next step would involve exploring their best options beyond graduation or GED.  The possibilities could be vocational or technical school, community college, university, or military service and training.  Mentors will work with one junior the first year, adding another the second year, and will continue with those students through graduation from high school.  The school representatives have advised us that some of these children may be struggling because they are:  homeless, working to help support their families, struggling with peer pressures, or simply have grown up in a family that has no frame of reference for giving career, personal and professional advice that could positively impact the future quality of life for these young men. 

Scholarships  The second part of the Manor Mentors and Scholarship Program is providing scholarships for young men who are interested in pursuing advanced training, or pursueing higher education through the local community college or through a university program.   Applications for scholarships will be open for all graduating seniors.  Preference will be given to those who otherwise would not be financially able to pursue an advanced degree.   Scholarship applications will be coordinated through the local high school college and career counselors and submitted to a committee of Manor Mentors for review and selection.  

Your Help is Needed    Scholarship awards will be subject to the funds available in the Manor Mentor Scholarship Account.  Our goal is to offer a scholarship for two years at $3,500 per year for each student selected.  Scholarships are paid directly to the institution of learing or training institute.   

Adopt a Student   Donors can adopt a student by providing the full cost of the scholarship for one or two years.  To comply with IRS rules and regulations, the donor is not involved in the selection of the student that they “adopt” – that selection is made by the non-biased committee that is reviewing all applications.  However, after selection by the committee the student would be introduced to the donor.   Donors may also wish to establish a scholarship or scholarship endowment in memory or in honor of a loved one.  If you are interested in being a mentor please contact Bob Abler x6909.  Those interested in supporting the program, please complete the donation form below – or contact Alesia Davenport(7026) or Jennifer Athanas(7366) in the Foundation Office.

Committee Members:  Bob Abler, Jim Collier, Bob Phillips, Wayne Thomas, Bobbie Middaugh, George Bollerud and Alesia Davenport

To view a list of mentors volunteering in local schools, please click here


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